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Beethoven Violin Sonatas



Saturday May 16th, 7:30pm
UMF Nordica Auditorium

Admission: Adults $12, youth 18 yrs and under & students with ID are free


If your heart is at all into classical music, come to hear a wonderful program of favorite sonatas for violin and piano by Beethoven  at UMF's Nordica Auditorium featuring violinist Dean Stein and pianist Chiharu Naruse of Bates College.  Two years ago they were awarded an arts grant to do a series of concerts at Olin Arts Center of the complete Beethoven violin and piano sonatas, which they did to great acclaim and enthusiasm.  They are coming to Farmington this Sunday to give us the best of this project, including the well-loved "Kreutzer" and "Spring" sonatas in the wonderful acoustics of Nordica.  Admission is $12. but students are free.  Come to hear some wonderful Beethoven chamber music presented by two of Maine's outstanding musical performers.  Dean Stein is well-known as the first violinist of the Portland String Quartet (earlier he was in the Brentano Quartet) and Chiharu Naruse has developed a reputation as a soloist, chamber musician and accompanist since she came to Maine to live in 2002.


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