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history of Arts Institute of Western Maine


The mission of ArtsFarmington, an affiliate of the University of Maine at Farmington, is to inspire, enrich, educate and entertain the communities of the greater Farmington area by presenting a broad array of affordable, high-quality arts events.  We believe that diverse arts experiences, featuring both local and non-regional artists, give vitality to community life.   

MOTTO: “Arts Inspire!”


Since 1971, we have been bringing local and world-class live performances to Farmington, Maine. As an affiliate of the University of Maine at Farmington, we're proud to use historic Nordica Auditorium as the venue for many of our concerts. As a way to further meet our mission of arts accessibility, we are pleased also to work with the Emery Community Arts Center and the local public schools to bring the performing arts to a wider audience in Western Maine.


Ticket sales cover only a portion of our operating costs. If you would like to help us fulfill our mission, please consider becoming a member!

Lillian Nordica

Our Board

The Arts Institute of Western Maine is a volunteer-run non-profit organization--a charitable 401c3. We have no paid staff, and bring you every performance out of our sheer enthusiam and love of the arts. 

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